Who is controlling Kemah, Texas?

Doug Messinger lives and works in a Closed Restaurant/home owned by Matt Wiggins of Kemah.

Doug is on the Kemah City Council City Council Position 3 where he serves as Matt Wiggins “yes” man

He enables Matt Wiggins to have control over the Kemah community.

Matt Wiggins was appointed by the Kemah City Council to the KCDC that controls Kemah Business’s


Kemah Election 2024

April 2024

Kemah has an election coming up May 4, 2024. Two Council Positions are up, Position #3 & #5. This is Election is important to our city because our present Council has done nothing the past 5 years until just recently. Why is that? Council is controlled by one person. While the Council did nothing, inflation has now caused the projects to cost over twice as much. For a city that pays cash for our projects and in the past had no debt, this is very disturbing.

Position #3 has Doug Messinger running against Steve Murray.

Doug Messinger has to go!!! Here is what Doug has accomplished the past 4 years: He voted against the widening of Anders Lane causing the road to cost $100’s of thousands more. He voted to charge for parking at the City Lot that has hurt our small businesses. He spearheaded a study of city Hall claiming wrong doing which cost the city over $70,000 dollars and then lead the effort to not publish the report because it showed there was not anything wrong. He has gotten involved in law suits where people sue the city, causing more costs for attorneys. He blocked having a strategic plan for the city which is one of the reasons nothing has been done. He owns no home or property in Kemah and his residence and his place of business is owned by Matt Wiggins. He voted to no longer have free trash pickup. The lists go on!!!

Vote Steve Murray for City Council Position #3!

Position #5 has Issac Saldana running against Matt Wiggins.

Issac, until recently was one of Matt’s Wiggins guys. Because he broke away and voted to proceed with the widening of Ander’s, Issac is now out of the Circle of Trust. Matt has been blocking that project for years so it has allowed inflation to drive up the cost of the project. Hopefully now Issac will represent the Citizens of Kemah, now that he is out of the Circle of Trust. Please vote for Issac because it would be devastating to our city if Matt Wiggins were to win. If you want to know more about Matt Wiggins, go to mattwiggins.com.

Vote Issac Saldana for City Council Position #5!

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